"Who's The Terrorist Now?" lyrics


"Who's The Terrorist Now?"

well the life and the times
and the reasons behind
all the things that we do
have occurred in my mind
so pack your bags
leave your baggage behind
it's too late in the day
to want to save me
it's too late in the season
to brandish your gun
let em hang
arms towards the sky
bark and bite
through your sights
in the name of lad liberty
it was a sunday bloody sunday
and you might as well
if we die tomorrow
then i'll see you in hell
who's the terrorist now
well the strife and the crimes
and the sign of the times
of a war that's deemed wise
through american eyes
a foundation of lies
and we can't hear their cries
'cause it's out of our sights
and it is out of our minds

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