"Ready, Aim, Tornado" lyrics


"Ready, Aim, Tornado"

Oh how we think we know just how to love
When all we know is how to love ourselves
If we would only seek guidance from above we could figure it out

Love is not a selfish matter
Simply a selfless endeavor
You must decide that you'll keep in mind just what it means to be loved
What's best for the person should be our drive
Even if we're the ones hurting inside
No greater love has there been than this
That someone would lay down his life for a friend

You must decide that you'll keep in mind
Just what it means to be loved [x2]

Thinks no evil, is not proud, never waivers, carries out
Though I speak angelic tongues
Shout the truth with all my lungs it's just

Clanging symbols, sounding gongs [x3]
Clanging symbols

When childish things of days gone past have been put aside
And glimpses caught in mirrors have come alive
When only these three remain, faith hope and love
Then we will fully know the blessings of the son

He came and died for you [x2]

His love for you knows no bounds
So let's give praise to him, get up off the ground

This is our time

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