"The Messenger" lyrics


"The Messenger"

The messenger came out of nowhere.
The name was clear, yet unreachable
All around us
And we never even thought to look,
It was tearing us apart.

This is the fact, the message is clear.
You cannot deny it. They are here.

The reminder was vague,
oh, the lesson so glorious
Our hearts were made
For a much higher purpose

You wouldn't think, but
Everything happens for a reason.
the greet, the meet, the kiss, the fight,
the break, the tears, the lies, the knife

Stay away from the emergency exit,
we aren't quite done yet.

We stared and stared and stared into those blank eyes.
It is burning, the messenger was here.
Be careful of that mind of yours, they say.
It can play tricks on you when you're led astray
Pollute the mind and your asking for it.
Thinking that life matters is an understatement
There is a larger war going on than guns and missiles
And it is too close for comfort.

I have found deeper meaning in this game
I have found deeper meaning
And I am scared to hell because of it.
But I know I will not look away.
Fear is another way of saying
that you too have realized,
the deeper secrets of mankind.
And is there a reward for winning the game?
You will simply, be left behind.

This is the fact, The message is clear.
You cannot deny it, He is here.

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