"She Is Just A Glitch" lyrics


"She Is Just A Glitch"

Something you once told me,
No regrets, no wasted efforts,
I'm left in the wake of your returning glory.
You looked so confident in your decision,
Or the light of your indifference.

So pure in your deception,
So right in your mind,
This is just my luck,
It's always been my luck.
Come closer so I can see you.
You're cold to the touch,
Hasn't anyone ever told you this is just my luck?

Say what you will.
You're no longer the death of me.
This whole shipwreck has been sent to sea,
So go ahead and take what you will from me.
It doesn't matter, I've been set free

And I am running out of words,
And I am running out of time,
To explain to you what we could have been.
Now the chance is over and I'll admit that:
I am just fine today.
You won't bring me down again.

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