"Money" lyrics



I don't know really what you want from me
I'm tired of these phone calls
I'm tired of hearing this fucking thing ringing
And pretending you're just not some nightmare
That started breathing
Materialized and became reoccurring
And I'm just tired of helping you think
That you're making the right decisions
When we both know you'll just end up regretting them
You don't pay attention to your mistakes

'Cause all you want is attention
You see, I know you better than your games
I like to interrupt your expectations
Because I think you could use a little redirection

Get out of my head already

And all the guys at the bar
That think your eyes look like shooting stars
Well, I've seen them burn out and crumble into dust
And then I've watched you settle

Take all my money from me

You help me out when you know I've been waiting
On answers that I won't be receiving
All I want to do is sit here complaining

Take all my money from me
I guess I don't really need it anyway

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