"Heaven (For The Weekend)" lyrics


"Heaven (For The Weekend)"

She's hot and heavy and heaven for the weekend,
She's preaching everything that I want to believe in,
So we're hopeless and holding onto something golden,
We read in S.E. Hinton but know ain't ever showing, so we're
Slicking our hair back and acting like the tough kids,
From the side of town that all our friends abandoned,
While bad ideas came from the good ideas that we ignored,
Would have been better off if we just stayed at home,
So next time we're just staying home.

So we've been holding on to something that we
Know ain't ever really coming
So were heading out west
To see the parts of the country that we don't know,
Then we lost it all at the casino.
The girls here they can't even really drink,
They never ever take their little eyes off of me,
Their all Montreal bound, mostly around 18,
They fit their frames the way pictures hang

Just fighting for some room in the scenery,
It's sad and it's strange and it's kinda sexy.
She walks up to me, both of her eyes closed,
Whispers in my ear she doesn't want to spend the night alone,
So I look around, not looking all that interested,
Two beers in my hand and she lights up a cigarette
Well I don't need her, and I know she don't need me,
I see myself with girls from all over the country
But the night starts getting heavy,
When the pills start kicking in,
The crowd starts looking like a maze
The situation starts to spin,
And she goes home with him.

She's my heaven for the weekend,
But she's hell the rest of the week,
And I swear they don't have any of the dirt they
Think they do on me.

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