"Feel Shame" lyrics


"Feel Shame"

Heaven's a misquote
Sermons ruined my head
All these people
Surrounding me like insects

Tried being elastic
Existence is sarcastic

Feel shame, it's okay
Feel shame, get paid

Flippin' through the stations
Oh, dismissive
Collector of sensations

Existence is sarcastic
Slowly turning plastic

Feel shame, it's okay
Feel shame, get paid

I see through your facade
It's nothing more than a mask
That you don't want to take off

But you feel lonely in a way
Like the days feel frayed
From the ties you severed
Trying to get your way

Feel shame, it's okay
Feel shame, get paid

Three chords are overlord, woah!
Consequences don't seem so direct anymore
And you don't have any problems
'Cause you're just too drunk to solve them
But don't worry
Responsibility is just a solvent

Thanks to Jon for these lyrics

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