"Christian Girls" lyrics


"Christian Girls"

It's not a bad habit, it's a hobby
this ain't a date it's just coffee,
she asked if I loved her, I said 'hardly'
I don't even think I know what that means.

It's girls night out in the city,
Ya their makeup's perfect
but the looks aren't pretty,
Jealousy's attention to the ones that can get it,
something like coming in second.

They're back at it, they're back, back at it again...

They say they're friends but it's only pretend,
you can see them at the bar, bummin' all your cigarettes
and ya I thought it's 'cause she was a christian,
turns out the girl just really wasn't with it.

Had me tricked with the cross on her necklace
had me figured out with all my intentions,
you gotta write about what you know,
well it's hard,
I only have short term goals
and I hardly even follow through with those...

She's back at it, she's back, back at it again
sayin' they're friends, but it's only pretend.
Bummin' 'round the bar with all your cigarettes.
Oh baby please
Come over here and talk to me,
I keep growing even though I was a bad seed
Now that's gotta say something about me

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