"Rule #1 Of Sound" lyrics


"Rule #1 Of Sound"

Permission to speak
With word that evade me
‘Cause spelling it out
Would kill you inside
This love is a treason
Your love has no reason
You got me believing
It’s me who's to blame

Tired eyes, you fake a smile
And, breathing hard, you get your way
Thinking now and all things considered
Would saying “I love you” be a crime?

Falling out or breaking up
The things that they, they forced on us
That’s why we pray, and I’ll start to pray
That’s why we pray

Out of breath and emotion that kept our heads above water
But, now that we're sinking, we're fading to silence
Say your goodbyes with war wounds and bruises
‘Cause I’ve already turned my back to your lies
Thinking that you care turned into a nightmare
Take me back to reality

This love is a treason
Your love has no reason
You’ve got me believing
It’s me who’s to blame

Thanks to scott swindler for these lyrics

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