"Comeback Of The Century" lyrics


"Comeback Of The Century"

(All the things you ever gave me)
Messed Up
(The wrong things are the ones I live for)
This has become all too common
(To get my life back where it started)
Believe me
(I promise I'm still worth it)
Tell me I'm still worth it

But when I look at you
My wrongs turn to right
Never to far
To come back to the Light

(To watch my step when I'm around you)
(My every move to always please you)
I'm over my head
Your eyes keep me here
(We'll join as one to face the world)
(Let me promise you, you're worth it)
I promise you, you're worth it

Stay with me forever
Never take your eyes off me
Never needing any other
Though sometimes I don't see
You've always been the one
Erase complete my doubts
Put your arms around me
And bury me in the clouds

Thanks to scott swindler for these lyrics

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