"Bears, Bears Of Cloverfield" lyrics


"Bears, Bears Of Cloverfield"

I’ve got concerns
With the promises you’re making
Like a sheep led to the slaughter
Cries a father to his daughter
Losing has never been a loss to me
Look what I’ve to show
A few rough starts
Three broken hearts
And enough regrets
For you to know it’s obvious
When I swallow

Come on come on
Wo o Oh o
Were singing,
Singing out loud out to the crowd
Wo o oh

Words are weapons
In a world of violence
And a flick of the tongue can crumble a heart
Phrases and expressions that flow with no restraining
Expressions of speech that kill without aiming
We do it everyday
There’s no control to our passion
We’re burning down the city

Come on come on
Wo o Oh o
Were singing
Singing out loud out to the crowd
Wo o oh

And let this
Chorus for one minute find the you and I
That once had something but let it pass us bye
Now I’m missing every second

The most I could say
Is the best I could
With all that I am
I’m Sorry

I won’t take this for granted
Because I don’t
Deserve even one more chance

Thanks to scott swindler for these lyrics

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