"And They Loved It To Death" lyrics


"And They Loved It To Death"

love can you taste the blood
from my lips as it drips right down your chin you sucked
my heart out right through my teeth and you pinned it right
to your sleeve something's got to give particular aspects
of where we live all you've got to give is time love you
offered to take my friend for a ride wherever he wanted to
go you run the bases run the red lights under these east
end skies so much has been said when the time is right
you jump from bed to bed and they loved it to death
surrender yourself to the bright lights of night life head up
to the north shore with Huntington girls bigger curls bigger
guys nice try any time is the right time summer time
summers have to end and here is just a helping hand to
lend the lonely fall is just a day away so say what you can
say love can you pull the plug on these lights I've
seen all I can see you put the spotlight on my life and
quickly you said good night burn those folded notes the
smoke will clear your throat I hung on every note and
stood by every word you spoke

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