"Pandora's Box" lyrics


"Pandora's Box"

I was blind at first
Now it’s becoming very clear
That you’ve lost all common sense
(Without a clue)
My mind’s been cursed
Since the moment you appeared
I’ll turn to ashes from your torment

We were going nowhere fast
This wasn’t meant to last

I can’t look at you the same
Your face turns sunny days to gray
I can’t stand to hear your name
I’ll move a thousand miles away
You were a treasure with several locks
I’ve finally found the keys
But I’ve opened Pandora’s box

[Post Chorus:]
(I’ve lost all interest)
It’s your loss
(You’ve failed to impress)
I’m better off

Take your time (take your time)
Not like it mattered anyways
You’ll always be so self-absorbed
(You think of yourself)
I can’t make you mine
You’re like a never-ending maze
You’re just someone I can’t afford

[Pre-chorus 2:]
We were going nowhere fast
(Going nowhere fast)
This wasn’t meant to last

[1st Bridge:]
Does it look like just a game?
Another victim you can claim?
Go on and roll the dice
You’re a disease without a cure
Another sickness to severe
Your heart’s as cold as ice

[2nd Bridge:]
You’re my poison
You’re the type that destroys one
Keeping both my hands tied
Open wide for self-destruction
You come with no detecting,
Waiting for the right time
To define your stealth corruption

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