"Lost In The Wind" lyrics


"Lost In The Wind"

So if I die tonight
Will you take my hand and hold me tight
I’ll finally close my eyes because the
Time is right
The air is thick and my head feels light
How about you try this on for size
Just try this on for size

I think it’s safe to say that lately I’ve been crawling on my knees
You’ve knocked me off my feet and now I’m scrambling for relief
Now it seems that you will never find the cure for my disease
It’s hard to understand the facts when I couldn’t believe-

The things that you were telling me
You were a voice lost in the wind
It’s difficult to comprehend the things that you can’t see
When the lights begin to dim
But now I stand here waiting for the end

Maybe there’s somebody hiding underneath
I was hoping for the best
But I’ve noticed when you’re near it’s hard to breath
Let me get this off my chest

Now I question everything that you have ever said
There has to be a point to this, but save it for the end
Will you change for me or will you walk away instead?
Either way is fine as long as you help me to understand -

Every step I take is wrong
Tell me which way I should turn
I will sing you one last song
Maybe then you’ll finally learn

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