"Not In Your Bed" lyrics


"Not In Your Bed"

He's put away into the farthest corner of her mind
Into the darkness so no one can find
She licks her lips and then she
Puts back another then she
Looks up in time to see her time has come

Where's she tonight? Out with the girls?
She never told you the truth
Her lame excuse, open your eyes
She's not in your bed tonight

Searching for answers but feeding the cancer
Racing and chasing the problems I'm facing

Familiar face he sees her
Beer on the breath the factor
A hug and a kiss now as they reminisce
He invites her back to the room
They talk about school
The lights go down until the sun comes up

Where's he tonight? Out with the boys?
He never told you the truth
His lame excuse, open your eyes
He's not in your bed tonight

Everyone's cheating so where is the feeling?
Fighting it headstrong but hitting it head on

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