"Good Day To Die" lyrics


"Good Day To Die"

Today the sky looks at me with cold hearted eyes
Only now it seems it's gotten much too late
To get on my knees and apologize
I've taken a back seat to all misconceptions
Of wasted time
Such realization's so intangible to such a beaten mind

If only they'd see that there's not much left of me
I fallen down to the depths of hell
With my broken dreams
If only I cared, I might learn this love you share
But it's much too little, much too late
Too much to bear

There's nothing left to convince me now
Of a righteous fight obscured by doubt
Cuz this time I've made up my mind
Full of anger, I'm so full of hate
I'm overwhelmed by my own mistakes
It's too late to try (cry)
I guess today is a good day to die

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