"Drug" lyrics



Feed me, fix me
Please stop the shaking taking over me
Please set me free
The aching, the yearning
Is all that's left of me
My blood runs thin
Make me complete again

Inside your head
Wish I was in yours instead
To see everything
Controls my being
One foot away from you
And it seems at least a thousand miles
You're all I feel
I need you to make me real

I'd rather crawl through hell
Than spend one more day without you
I'd rather sink to the ocean's floor
Cant you see
I've realized my whole world revolves around you
I'm addicted
Can't kick it
Forever your junkie

Bleed me
Hurt me
Do what you will to me
But just let me in
Let me win

Don't blame me for what I am
I have no control over my obsessions
Keep stressing me
Can't stop them from possessing me

Can't shake all my withdrawals
Helps me to fall apart

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