"Billy Club" lyrics


"Billy Club"

You hide behind a badge, a suit and a gun
Bringing down others, man, ain't it fun
Your newfound authority helps you forget your past
You're walking tall with your head held high
You're pissed at the world, your duty is your pride
Your old identity is replaced by a new mustache

Busted, all I wanted was justice
You've taken the law, man, into your own hands
You're a victim turned guilty, and can't understand
Chasing, to let out your frustrations
Your fucked agitation is all part of your plan
Well, I hope you don't think that your billy club
Makes you a man

Your newfound hatred is now being acted upon
By forcing your power and authority on
The same people that would tease you in high school
You've gone your own way as time would allow
Saying 'Look, motherfucker, who's laughing now?
I've got no life, but at least I can break the rules

You used to be so small, but now you stand so tall
Take off the gun and take off the badge
You're the same chump I once knew
You haven't changed at all

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