"Sick Machine" lyrics


"Sick Machine"

Far from home, all dismembered and leaving with their limbs on wrong!
Shrapnel spraying.
Camouflage: unappealing with 3 days worth of rotting in.
Malnutrition, fecal cause, laceration trophy scars!

Let it be, let it be.
Running to the stations. Carnage destination. Carry out the consequences.
Let it be, let it.
Weapon calibration, monk self immolation, pouring on their own death sentence.

This land is a ghost, how did it scare? No one was spared.
All bodies in rows. Why were you there? Why were you there?!

Futures looking bleak, pass the torch.
Earth goes up in flames, keep it scorched.
Tally up body counts, why were you there?

Sick machine, chivalry, hurry up.
Aesthetic rethinking, hurry up.

Power keeps it in the family.
We're the lost. They're chosen sons!
History will you redeem us?!
We've succumbed to parasites!
We're carried under parasites!!

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