"My Heart, Capsized" lyrics


"My Heart, Capsized"

dear land, i thought we'd never regret this, the saltwater in my bodes
change modes, while looking out my window, i need your company
and then we explode.

and we stand, and as i grew i noted
that you were never coming back as my crop
i'll beggar your blood, i'm a rat
moving towards the canvas, red blue and green,
i'll paint the scenery, a scene to me

your planes, can't cross my sea
your constant can't leave me, baby

as i molded the city, kids swarm around me
they act as they love me, but all they want is my body

drop anchor mate, my hearts in a better place
capsize this ship, my hearts at a better rate

i kept my life underground,
i built a village out of nothing but numbers,
i always dreamed of this sound,
vast echoes while no one is around

i used to think my heart was never about to burgeon

stay here boy, you are my son,
sailor nothing will take your place
i'm here to stay

come back boy, you are my son,
sailor nothing will take your space
the ocean keeps us safe

i'm here to stay

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