"Death Of A Miller" lyrics


"Death Of A Miller"

take it back with paper bags and a pocket full of
take it back money bags and plastic jeweler
tearing blank pages i'm through with the gravity,
speaking of me, call it crazy
for god's sake act like a woman today
all i want is to celebrate with a date

hold my hand it pockets dirty laundry, a blank mind which holds an anniversary
this clock keeps its second, and this story has eleven. (can we be a happy family?)

ladies, gentlemen, and kids, lock eyes, hold hands, perched hips.
home is where i belong, take me in i am in love. (what you believe is love in the ending)

this means i have time,
(grape vines, spread in straight lines covering the streaked wine,
dirty sheets cover me, as i hide underneath)
this graduation has another one,
can my body stay alive, saving lives by sparing your pride

creatures behave in harmony, we all live in a swamp
and regale on the water
oh, fiends, just take the drugs you need
and save the best for me i'll live with beasts for a week
or as long as i need

for me the freeway's calling now (you spun around)
telephone ring's keep me round (you spun around)

for me the freeway's calling now
(spin round and round, poor love in your hearts now,
though quarantined, put love in your heart now)
telephone ring's keep me round

a level sighted secret,
will arrive in the sweetest girl
will arrive in a newer world
but what becomes of the tribal boy,
the one who marries and the women adore
can he feast on what he can't beat,
but he can reach to the mountains first peak

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