"Bones" lyrics



one day, we'll be ready for this state
of an actual being, that's fully functioning
stand straight, until we finally meet
you'll be facing me, opened and honestly
today, is the greatest i've ever seen, i can keep promises lately
these girls come stalking me, they won't be stopping me
now we're dressed for the show, baby

I sold your soul to the whole wide world
now we're swimming in gold, until forever we grow old

let me see your bones, keep safe on the way home
let me see those bones, those bones

ora ora they break apart like broken hearts
and make amends like a magic art that we used as a cover
to hide underneath and hide from each other

lets make pretend that we love one another, the lake is an ocean,
we swam to the planets, mars is our home and saturn our mother,
so let's make pretend that we love

now we finally rest in peace, its just you and me
now we finally rest in peace, its just you and me
climbing mountains in my dreams, and m.d. we see the ending
flocking the mountain was a misunderstanding

put our love on display, it'll make history.

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