"Smartass (The Fifth 1/3 Song)" lyrics


"Smartass (The Fifth 1/3 Song)"

Can you blame me?
Am I just old news?
Everything you do
is just an excuse.

Can you see it?
Or am I imagining?
Therapy had said
I need more handling.

Please take me back today,
I didn't want to leave it.
It doesn't matter what I say,
I know you won't believe it.
Leave it.

Face the consequence.
I know you know you're ready to be
expensed with it.
Please be less vague,
the actions you serve
will show me how you cave.

Don't you get it?
What you are going through.
I'm just trying to
help fix the issue.

Don't believe it,
see if I care.
When you need me,
I'm staying right here.

Hearts grown cold again,
I'm starting to believe,
this is how you plan.
Run it home tonight,
everybody in the room
will enjoy the fight.

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