"Slash & Burn" lyrics


"Slash & Burn"

When you said family did you think it would last
The way you slash and burn whatever is in your path
It makes me sick the way you deal
Well I’m on to you soon I’ll be gnawing at your heels

I’ll leave you with this warning, a peaceful aside
There’s more to life than pain and battle cries
My words don’t change much and neither does my mind
If I don’t make a difference at least I know I tried

It must be pretty easy going on and on again
Living through each other, through all your other friends
But maybe you’ll grow older and then one day you’ll see
How you destroyed the rest of your family

The music in my head won’t let me rest
The muscles in my throat won’t let me scream
Can’t sing myself to sleep tonight
Will I ever sleep again
I’ll sleep when I’m dead

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