"Heart" lyrics



I don’t need excuses or reasons to be a man
I’ve dealt with more than you’ll ever understand
I’m one disappointment after another
So share some wisdom from one to another

The hate in your chest and the hole in your heart
How do they fulfill you, where did it start

(this world) This cold world that’s waiting outside
It’s not afraid to tell me it’s not on my side
Of course you’ve got demons well I’ve got mine too
The difference is are yours are created by you

Thanks for the inspiration, I’ll show you fucking heart
Maybe I’ll give you a story and not some bullshit art
The weight of this world may be too heavy to bear
But when it crashes down on you you’ll see how much I care

The lies you tell don’t seem to end,
a wall of truth that will break once it bends
It’ll bury you deep, I tell you you’re done
let’s watch that slick tongue get you out of this one
words like teeth, a bite will break skin
no god of mine will relieve for your sins
I tell you, I dare you, I beg you to stop
Instead I’ll just wait for the bottle to drop

I’ll build you up
I’ll watch you fall
When you crumble to pieces
There will be nothing at all

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