"Counting Sheep" lyrics


"Counting Sheep"

For finally being figured out I’ve never been more lost
These days drag on forever, might as well hang from a cross
Displayed for everyone to see, I wait as they stare up at me
Realize I look down on them, such conformity I won’t accept

This world won’t take my differences
I won’t be shackled down like this

This black sheep lays up all night
20 questions stuck in my mind
“If we’re all made as equals, why is perfection so hard to find”
Can’t count on sheep so I will think myself to sleep again
Can’t find solace, can’t find a place to lay my head

Have you ever loved something that didn’t love you back?
Have you ever watched the wheels fall off the track?
I never thought I’d say this, guess I spoke too soon
But I am just not meant to bleed the same blood as you

I know you’re helpless, watching your life fall apart
I know you’re worthless, just like me

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