"Stuck In The Outer Rim" lyrics


"Stuck In The Outer Rim"

We’re stranded on this rock together and I’ll try my very best
under threat of heat exhaustion Tusken raiders and duress
and can you blame me if I seem a little stressed
friends burnt out on glitterstim and my whole life’s a mess because I’m…

Stuck in the outer rim
I’m stuck you’re stuck he’s stuck she’s stuck on the outside looking in
Anchorhead Tatooine is where I am
get me to a starship, even an Imperial fucking starship
even with two suns this planet never looked so dim

So we’re just gonna sit in this sandbox on our ass
farming moisture in the desert and my speeder’s a piece of crap
so slag it or sell it and we can buy ourselves a ticket
hyperdrive to Mos Eisley show this planet where to stick it
I’ve never seen a mynock and never met an ewok
no creature in a cantina has ever known how to rock
Rebel or Imperial blasters blue or red or green
I’ll join either side ‘cause you just don’t know what it means to still be…


If the blue milk doesn’t kill me then the Hutts will surely get me
the Sarlacc down below or the Empire above me
get me to Mos Eisley double quick or just forget me
I’ll hitch a ride I’ll do it if it kills me because I’m…


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