"She Drives A Speederbike To School" lyrics


"She Drives A Speederbike To School"

I took her out I picked her up in my speeder
I told her mom that I was happy to meet her
I told her dad I’d have her home before the second sun sets
I’m so into her

I took her to meet my mom got rebel markings on her arm
Took her to meet my dad I’m so lame this girls so bad

Cause she drives a speeder bike to school (she’s so cool)
Spends her nights in Mos Eisley don’t know why she hangs out with me
She drives a speeder bike to school (she’s so cool)
When all the other guys see her with me they’re surprised
She drives a speeder bike to school

She drinks Juri Juice and Ithorian Mist
She tasted like Mujo Fruit the first time that we kissed
And I don’t think she’ll ever under-stand how much I care
I’m frozen in awe

Took her to Anchorhead the funny part was when she said
she loves spending time with me I just smiled I can’t believe


And when I think of all the time I spent in fear of talking to her
I realize it was a waste of time because now she’s my girlfriend for sure
And when we talk about all of the planets that we’ll see together
I know she’s mine and she sure knows that I’m gonna be hers forever


She’s so cool
She’s so cool

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