"My Droid" lyrics


"My Droid"

My best friend has wires in his head
he’s barely 3 feet tall
he doesn’t talk at all
He beeps to let me know
if he means yes or no
he always wants to go wherever I go

My astromech is shiny and high-tech
he’s ready when I call
plugs into any wall
He keeps me company all over Tatooine
Bespin and Kashyyk
Corruscant and Dantooine

And he’s my co-pilot, my translator, navigator
My alarm clock and my friend
I’m his administrator, operator, Empire hater
And that’s never gonna end

My droid helps me to avoid
Ever having to be alone when I’m at home or anywhere I go
My droid makes sure that I’m not alone

My robot really helps me out a lot
he’s everything your not
gets me out of tight spots
When I need help
I don’t need no one else
I get him off shelf it’s just my droid and myself

When we were lost on Hoth with lots of wompas want to stop us
He sent out a distress tone
Soon we had lots and lots of dropships there to stop the wompas
We were on our way back home


My droid makes sure that I’m not alone (I’m never alone)
My droid makes sure that I’m not alone (I’m never alone)

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