"Latch Key" lyrics


"Latch Key"

Look me in the eyes and tell the truth: what was going through your head?
I'd hang up the phone at times, and I'd wish that you were dead.
'Cause you were never there.
It made me think you never cared.
Growing up and it's not fair.
I'd turn around and hope to see you there, but you were nowhere to be found.

Just remember my words,
that's all you've got now.
You'll only see my face from time to time.
And you'll soon forget I was ever there.

So spare me. You're still just a stranger to me.

Will you ever be...
...more than a stranger to me?

The closer I get to you, the harder it hits.
Now you walk away. Don't look back on family you never had and never will.
The closer I get to you the harder it hits, and it hits so hard.

I force myself to remember memories that were never there.
Your face is a broken shadow.
Now all I want is to go home. I never did figure out what those words were all about.

Tell me! Tell me just how many times you let me down. (let down!)
The countless times that I waited for you in vain.
Tell me what was going through your head?
Did you second guess those things that were never said?
'Cause you were never there. It made me think you never cared.
Did you ever care? I guess I'll never know...

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