"Warcry" lyrics



Blind these heathen eyes
You can take our sight
But not our mind
You'll set this world ablaze
And we will burn
Till your tears put out the flames

This means war

Rivers of our blood
Will make the city flood
They know we will sink
Cause they tell us what to think

This is the war
We need to fight for
Our minds are worth more
Than what they sell them for

Our skin will break and peel
Our blood will spill
But our wounds will heal

We will reclaim what you took
We'll rebuild these city walls
And douse these burning books

How much can we take
As our freedom burns at the stake
This freewill is fake
Are we dying for their lies or their mistakes?

We will take back what you stole
A thousand years of learning
And our fragile orphan souls
And we will not be controlled

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