"Sitting On A Time Bomb In Free Fall" lyrics


"Sitting On A Time Bomb In Free Fall"

We crown mankind with divine right
And draw these lines
So we choose sides
These creation crimes are costing lives

Open your eyes
Look from the outside
Don't buy these lies
Swallow your pride

In desperate times
The fight to stay alive
It's not the right to take a life
Will we trade all human kind
And our future for our pride

A blessing or a curse
This private universe
Where we come first
Has the telescope reversed

If this is wasted space
We should have more to show
For every choice we've made
Than just this fragile glow

This is all we have
This is all we know
Right now there is
Nowhere else to go
We are the only hope

Our past and our future collide
All humankind just a blink of an eye
Will we survive?

Think of what's at stake
For everyone's sake
Before we make
The ultimate mistake

This hatred inside us
Will tear us apart
We are on planet
What are we fighting for?

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