"Turmoil" lyrics



I lost all my sleep to stress
I watched my heart fall from my chest and onto the floor
When depression plagued my mind, I still found the time
For quarter filled rooms and half dimmed lights

While I was out on the road, You were wasting your time at home
(Finding yourself or losing your health)
You can bet that you were sitting on the ground
Thinking of the ways you could get out

When I exhausted all my breath, I figured you'd help sing the rest
I can't expect anything from you

We see life through a different lens
You burn bridges with all your friends
Your only mode of self defense, hide and retreat again
I expected you to try and lost count of all the times
For so much pride you lack a spine

A kid with so much heart watched it all fall apart
You talked it all away, do you regret choices made?
Finally hit your peak, begging from your knees
What do you expect me to say?

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