"Bottom Of The 9th" lyrics


"Bottom Of The 9th"

Oh, it looks like the end of the world is happening now.
Are you ready for a party baby?
Well lets get down.

(Lets dream of harlots and creatures)
Oh, it looks like a good time,
and where were you when I...
(I see no hope for the future)

Underneath the grace of God,
Underneath the grace of God.

Drag me beneath the sea, now.
Drag me beneath the sea, now.

Under the surface, I'm terribly nervous,
this room is far too small.(We need no external Devils)
This place is a cemetery for the dreams we've banking on.

We got a date with the devil...

Oh, its a dance with the dead ones,
the lust for flesh and all.
She found her way home, she found her way home.
With little time for precious things.

There's no time to make amends.
There's no time, there's no time.

We gotta move to the sound of the screams that are tearing a hole in our lungs.
You're moving too slow baby.


Where were you, where were you...
While the whole world was burning?
I've been just fine,
While the whole world was burning.

God, damn that pretty face, and the way she looks at me.
And where were you when we took your daughter home,
And where were you when we let her go?

Thanks to Steve for these lyrics

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