"Ghetto Ways" lyrics


"Ghetto Ways"

Words from your lips
Oh cursed hips
Oh this ghetto
Is in my blood

Dancing in mansions??
No we're for ransom
In a shoebox flat off Filmoore

DJ Hello My Name Is Ryan (name of this DJ I know named "Ryan":)
Whip out a busted record
Hit the sixth gear

Oh our sins are so tasty
You know we got
Ghetto Ways tattooed all over our faces

Oh we're like...

I know you girl you live on down the street yeah
And you're so lovely, you said
I'm really glad we gots the chance to meet yeah
So you dance, or what man??

I said...

Shy girl, police are outside
DJ jumped the fence but...
We're still dancing here
Secret Ghetto Ways...

Before your kissed kissed my kiss
You licked your lips
So cute, as if I wouldn't fine 'em deadly

Still you're totally shy, And so am I
You know we both just moved into the neighborhood

Hot girl status, in a poor girl palace
With a ghetto attitude man
Oh, a trick, you know I'm off limit
You kissed me, now, everybody knows...

Shy girl, police are outside
Tear gassing our friends but...
We're still dancing here
Secret Ghetto Ways
Shirley, police are outside
And we're still...

If you're lips touched my lips
Could I call you my baby, or what,
When they write us up a song
To tell you how I feel
This is how the words will flow...

Shy girl police are inside
Arrest us if they can
But we're still dancing here
Secret Ghetto Ways
Shirley, police are inside
And we're still...

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