"Area Of Opportunity" lyrics


"Area Of Opportunity"

I cant see though my eyes are wide open
I feel like something inside was stolen
I can't face the screen its glaring at me everyday
I refuse to believe that my future depends on
Corporate Earnings
I don't give a fuck!

Is the means to an end
does this mean that I must pretend
That I can see my future
It grows cloudy everyday
I can't "hope" forever
something has to change

some days I feel like I'm loosing myself
I can hold much longer
No, I can't live this life

They take apart of me [x2]

Hands around my throat
growing stronger everyday
I struggle not to choke
I feel the will inside me fade away
I cant give up,
give anymore of myself away

Now this means that I have reached the end
this is my dream and I'm done pretending

Now I will have to kill part of myself
I will hold on to the desires that drive me

The desires that drive me

Thanks to Peter for these lyrics

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