"The Great Somewhere Else" lyrics


"The Great Somewhere Else"

My heart beats too fast but I can't make it stop
I know it's all in my head but my body is lost
I blame it on vodka, on the drive, on the food
I know it's my fault, no more "nothing to lose"

I just heard your voice, so loud and clear
I see you on our couch with some nachos and cheese
The voice of the ocean calls my name from the dock
You're alright, you're all good. She loves you even more.

Don't think I'll be able to turn the page
Because the book's not really over yet
The last chapter is way too long
And I'm getting tired of reading the same words
And my illusions, were just illusions yeah it's true
I spent my whole life in The Great Somewhere Else

Hockey legends and rock stars, drunk poets and punks
Hugues give me a pill I think I'm going nuts
Gotta sit on the floor and stare straight at the wall
I just think of breathing, breathe-in black! breathe-in white!

I'll be back over on the boat but I'll be counting the days
and the dogs are all dead but fire still works
I thought I needed more but I was doing okay
Yeah I was doing okay

I spent my whole life in the great somewhere else

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