"So Long & Thanks For Nothing" lyrics


"So Long & Thanks For Nothing"

Don't you cry, don't be pissed
It's alright, we won't be missed
We sure tried, but we don't really like it
It's getting hard to fake it

Don't you say a goddamn word
We'll be gone and we won't come back
Don't shake my hand, don't look at me
We just sang songs and you listened

Don't come backstage, don't ask for more
We won't come back for the encore
There's Hot Shots 2 at 1:30
I need to take another pill

So long and thanks for nothing
For a minute, we believed it
But it was too late, we were bored
"When we get big we'll bring you on tour"

Now that we can't smoke in the bars anymore
It's not so fun to hang around
When I was young I imagined something
That never existed

Oh it's so sad, now who am I?
I was used to that guy on stage
I guess we'll write another song
(Nah, fuck it I'm just going home)

I think I'll cry I think I'll fall
On my knees, thank God for all this
I'm so glad I didn't die
(before we decided to quit)

Don't talk to me, don't buy me beer
We won't go out, we're staying here
The bartender will bring more drinks
At this point she's looking so great

Now that we can't smoke in the van anymore
It's not so fun to drive around
I realized that we did more
That we could've ever imagined

So long and thanks for nothing
It's easier said than done
The secrets are locked in the truck
We did it for us.

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