"Acoustique #2" lyrics


"Acoustique #2"

Is this corner OK? I see some better things transportation without pollution these chickens make me sick but you're so proud of them put them in your windows you keep the neck we still have more fun than you cuz we are strong together we still know how to smile you won't make us die what the fuck is a playdium keep the kids inside on a sunny day what the fuck is a playdium keep the kids inside try to make them smile...stay inside to spend all their money but don't you ever worry you won't touch us inside we will stand our ground fight for what we believe we don't take ourselves too seriously our fists are our smiles...today we had a crockin' good time (crockin' good time) today we had a crockin' good time (out of tune) Hugo: Fuck la fin

Simon: hey, c'est bon ça
Simon: c'est pas si bon que ça

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