"Live Fast" lyrics


"Live Fast"

Kill me quick, jump off a bridge
Fill me up with poison, make me sick
Hate my body, love me not
Tell me that you love me, while my body rots
Give me death, smash my brains
Bang my head, 'til I go insane
Don't feel pain, don't feel remorse
Gonna die, live fast of course
Won't live in fear, won't bide my time
I won't think twice to look death in the eye
Won't live in fear, live fast and die
Take my love, give it away
Consequences, come what may
Clean my clock, make my day
Give me a name, put it on my grave
Take my life, set me free
Put me out of my misery
Allow me to make this clear
Live fast, won't live in fear
On top of the world

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