"The Comeback" lyrics


"The Comeback"

It seems I've tucked my dreams in tight,
put them to bed and said goodnight. SO LONG.
Tomorrow I'll be long gone.
Keep on dreaming, stop repeating mistakes I've made.
It's time to change. SO LONG. Tomorrow I'll be long gone.
What used to seem so far away is getting closer every day.
We won't be young forever!

Here's to a second chance: for every time we've fallen down, we'll make a comeback.
We'll start a new term on our own terms,
and write this chapter better than the last.

Another week of overtime, remember when this life was mine?
SO LONG. Tomorrow I'll be long gone.
Keep on dreaming, don't stop believing. Learn from my mistakes.
SO LONG. Tomorrow i'll be gone.

No holding back. You can't stop us now.
(This life is ours.)
Cause we're not done fighting and we are not done singing.
We can't be dying. This is only the beginning.

Thanks to chinny for these lyrics

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