"Rotten To The Core" lyrics


"Rotten To The Core"

There's gonna be trouble on the street
Corrupted punx'n skin marchin'in while the innocent victims flea
Broken bottles in the darkest alleyways
Echos and dancing shadows are coming up your way

We've been living our lives as a lie and someone has to pay
Rotten to the core
Violence in our minds, the city streets made us all insane
Rotten to the core

The noise of rebellion is on it's way
No future to behold, the human race is fucked anyway
We'll take over the streets everynights
There's never been regrets, we'll fight for having back our rights

We're looking back on anger 'cause it's all we can see
Rotten to the core
'Cause anger is all we got to keep us warm and fuckin free
Rotten to the core

Violence and anger
Anger all we can see - violence and anger
Violent to keep us free - violence and anger
Blood, honor and glory - violence and anger
A Ruffian life story - violence and anger

Fight, fight, fight, fight, fight and fight and fight and fight
Never surrender

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