"Dead Babies Don't Cry" lyrics


"Dead Babies Don't Cry"

March 19th 2003
Junior wants to play with his new army
A regime of corruption and weapons mass of destruction
They wont tell it's for u.s. interest only
We'll drive burning metal through their motherfucking head
And control all the media so truth can't be said
Destroy all the evidence, when the dead babies don't cry
If dogs are well fed with lies, they wont bite

We gotta fuckin scalp him

The benefits of a war
A war paid by the taxes of the poor
Bringing their own problems in other countries
The only fuckin use of the fuckin u.s. army

Dead babies don't cry

The people is screaming against the war
They don't want to be fucked anymore
They've learned as time went by
They've destroy the evidence, when the dead babies don't cry

Dead babies don't cry

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