"It's Just Better For Everyone" lyrics


"It's Just Better For Everyone"

I’m hammered like a nail on the wall
On your favorite poster
And I’m stuck on your every word
The ones we never said at all
Will anyone in these songs ever admit
That they’re out of their minds
But they’re too fucked up
Yeah they’re too fucked up to forget
But they think that they’re fine
But they’re not fine
What we’ll believe despite our best intentions
It’s our deepest secret
We’ll never speak despite our core repression
It’s just better for everyone
Yeah, I’m hammered like a nail on your wall
And I’m hung on your every word
The ones we never said at all
I’m drunk again and I’m thinking about you
I’m drunk again and I wonder are you thinking about me too
The weight on his shoulders, they might be broken
Say what you want to but we won’t fall down

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