"Fast Falls The Eventide" lyrics


"Fast Falls The Eventide"

My knees are bruised, my eyes burned with salt,
if only I could just reach you now.
If only you could see me now, but you're too far down.
If only you knew how hard I tried, how hard I cried.
If only you knew that I knew it all along...

Hanging off the edge as we watch the angels fall from above.
This substance that caused the roots to crumble can not be seen.
They're blinded by the light.
And every eye from above warned that demons don't give up.
We all stumble, we all fall, but it's faith that picks us up.

And I've been trying to open your eyes,
to let the light in but the demons said it wasn't right,
you said it wasn't right.
How could you let them get to you.
I see every move you take and every little mistake that you make,
and every lie that you tell yourself
because you just can't take the pain.
I just can't reach you, you'd never understand.
Daddy's little pills will save you now.

My knees are bruised my eyes burned with salt,
if I could only just reach you now but you're too far gone,
you're too far gone now.
Wake up! (wake up) the stars burn for you, (wake up) for you.
The planets (listen) turn for you, for you.
If only I knew why this picture looks so wrong,
if only I could save you now, but I have to save myself.

Thanks to Joe Dickins for these lyrics

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