"Brother, We'll Save You Now" lyrics


"Brother, We'll Save You Now"

Well load your gun and gag the sky, as heaven pours down from your family's eyes.
As hard as I failed was as hard as I tried.
Didn't they tell you, never leave your brother behind.
If it was a war you were looking for, you should have spoken up.
I needed help with the one inside my soul and all the rest of us did here too.
I can remember the poem of one great man saying
"Your absence weighs more than someone else's presence."
And that will probably hold true through impassable days and blood soaked rocks.
We're breaking down these walls to prove our love and shed the light.
Now it's time to save another life (tonight)
A dream to persevere through the cold, cold years.
We'll save you now.
Sleepwalking through deserts like a ghost in a churchyard,
My friend, you're never alone, we're always awake
Our hearts filled with hope, your friends are your faith (friends are your faith).
(As hard as I failed was as hard as I tried) (Your friends are your faith)

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