"It's On Senor... Go!" lyrics


"It's On Senor... Go!"

Appreciated every word you said
Another hit, and I swear it's the last time
This should keep me in the straight and narrow

I'm such a sucker for the capital
She told me once, and that's all it took
To make me realize I'm starting over

It takes a strong boy, a strong push
And a reason to come clean

I've got a caddy, and a pistol
That says the light is turning green
There's sand grains in my hair
And love is in the air
So keep the rag top down
Because the sun's about to flicker out

There's no way
This closet's keeping me in here
I've got to break away
This gun is all that I've ever known
They took my lover away
Now I have upped the stakes
This confession is my only sin

Captivated by the passing lights
Incriminated by my growing up
And out of status premonitio is of their ways

I hold this curse at my arm's length out
I've got every reason to
My gut says, "Listen Up"

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