"Hey (Parts I, II And IV)" lyrics


"Hey (Parts I, II And IV)"

The other night there was this dream
That crept inside of me
I had this strangest walk
Half a dozen legs

Space Trips or ocean rifts
Concrete cracks
All look the same
I saw the whole damn armada fall into file

It's not my day today
Put on your face
If you don't like the sound
Then turn away
Because it's obvious
You don't have the means to stay alive

Give her praise
If you can't stand the sights, then turn away
In the morning I awoke
Got up and out of bed
I saw the common man
And my breath fell flate

I saw the children scurry
Following their providers
In a naus- a dizzy hurry
I yelled,
Every one of you all
Working for the same
You're hopeless brainwashed drones
There's no other way!"

Now I take these pills
That make me feel better
All the time,
They hypnotize my mind
Convince me that the world's still flat
I'm spinning off my axis
Don't know when I'll touch the ground
This airplane is spinning around
And parachutes are dancing on the wings!

Thanks to Nate for these lyrics

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