"Everybody Stabbed Me And It Didn't Even Hurt" lyrics


"Everybody Stabbed Me And It Didn't Even Hurt"

Wake up to the buzzards contemplating
Taking bets on when I'll finally pass
Tattered signs point in all directions
No courtesy of food or beverage

Recollection of a chapel
A bar of whiskey kindred spin
Its filled the room

Should've known
By the way she kissed me
I was dealt a real smooth hand tonight

You were right
About always wanting more
There's nothing you can do now
You're snake eyes

I feel my eyes flicker open
This suitcase crushing
As it's pressed against my legs
The taste of duct tape fills my palate
My hands are sore
And bound by laces

Good night to the city lights
You were always bound to lose
This time i thought I had you on the upper hand
I should have known
You had something up your sleeve again

Dismiss all that's on your mind
Because your chariot awaits
And let's keep in mind
We've got all the time in the world
To get this right

So slip your black dress off tonight
The ammunition is bearfelt
So kiss me one more time
And kiss yourself goodbye...
I honestly didn't know

Thanks to Nate for these lyrics

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