"Madalyn" lyrics



no hell for me
this sleepy town no destiny
the only plot she's got in mind's the family plot she leaves behind
the most hated woman in america
what fools i'll need
is a scapegoat for their broken dreams
no matter that she's lying there
she's planted in a thousand heads
the most hated woman in america

may be wrong, may be right
madalyn you love to fight
to fight yourself for what you don't believe
but madalyn you're a martyr to me

told the world what it means to hear preach
just as sweet to the ears
live it up to the atheists you teach
reason not lies and fear
i'll say another prayer for you
i only wish that i too
[?] the issues
speak as loud as you tow

[?] you can stand
they're mad because they can't defend
they're [?] against your sharp attack
you found it hard to just relax
the most hated woman in america

no trial no truth
no devil in the kissing booth
you shook things up, you shook 'em good
they ran you from the neighborhood
the most hated woman in america

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